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I’m an experienced gemmologist and diamond buyer (BA Hons FGA DGA). Jewellery, for me, is an obsession and lifelong passion, I believe great Jewellery- pieces that make your heart sing and draw you in time and again – start with the stone and a story. It can be a precious stone or a whimsical, colourful stone that has ‘life’. That is where my Jewellery designs begin. A stone ‘speaks’ to me and leads me organically to its unique design conclusion.

Often I will source a stone for a client and then we agree how best to bring this magic of the earth to its beautiful metamorphosis. This is a process of sharing and learning about you that ensures the jewellery will be covetable and remain timeless. Sometimes a client presents me with an heirloom stone or piece that once refashioned to suit her lifestyle takes on more personal meaning. Detail is everything.


My collection designs began that way for me. I recall a hairpin that my grandmother proudly wore and inspired me to create the delicate and feminine ‘Hat Pin Pat’ drop earrings.   The ‘Flutter By’ collection was evoked by memory of the first sighting of a butterfly in early summer, that smell of freshly cut grass and the gentle chatter of children playing in gardens.


Gemmology is a lifelong study and my pivotal years at the fine houses of Cartier, Garrard and Theo Fennell have equipped me with the experience to be the most discerning in this pursuit. My expertise and contacts in the industry allow me to source directly the finest and unique stones of unrivalled quality and value.


What would I say about my Natalie Teare signature Jewellery? Let your heart and senses draw you to the pieces you want to hold and wear. Or let me modify these previous options to more exactly suit the life you lead.

Jewellery is forever. It’s not discarded after a season of frivolous fashion. It may be the one consistent and timeless memory that brings us back to the point in time it was acquired or fondly to the memory of the giver. Jewellery fixes a moment in life securely as indelibly as a photograph. Yet it is tactile and wearable.


Have a look through my portfolio and I look forward to meeting you to begin our journey together.

With inspiration,


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