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bespoke engagement rings

Bespoke Engagement Rings

We at Natalie Teare Jewellery, understand that an engagement ring is one of the most important purchases in life we make, that’s why each centre stone is carefully selected to perfectly suit each client’s wishes.  A bespoke engagement ring is the perfect opportunity to create something that is uniquely yours that symbolises your love.  Where possible we recommend a face to face meeting with the client to discuss what type of ideas and criteria they have, often designer and client will bounce ideas off one other.

bespoke engagement rings

Gemstones are as individual as people; therefore, each search for a diamond or gem is tailored to the client wishes & desires.  Only when we are certain we have the correct match will we show you your stone and your >bespoke engagement ring design.  Natalie Teare has over 15 years of gemstone-buying experience combined with a love and passion of jewellery design.  From initial sketches, to finished hand painted designs and beautifully crafted pieces, why not create your heart’s desire?

bespoke diamond engagement rings

Bespoke Engagement Rings – Natalie Teare Jewellery

As a bespoke engagement ring anything is possible, special finishing touches can be added inside the ring such as small birthstones or engravings, a small detail can have great meaning, detail is everything.  Once the design has been finalised and the stone sourced it is then hand-made in our London workshop.  The finished ring is then beautifully presented in a wooden jewellery box tied with ribbon, the rest is up to you.

Commissioning a bespoke engagement ring that is unique to you and your family in years to come is a beautiful and fulfilling experience. You deserve nothing less.

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