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Coloured Stone Engagement Rings

When it comes to selecting a ring to symbolise the love of a couple why should there not be a show of colour? While diamonds of course have been the traditional choice of many couples but coloured stone engagement rings have become increasingly popular.  The Duchess of Cambridge of course sports one of the most famous coloured stone engagement rings of all time, an oval Ceylon  sapphire surrounded by 14 round white diamonds, the classic cluster arrangement.  So what should you look for when considering colour as an option?


The most important rule of course is that it must be beautiful, an engagement ring adorns a lady for the rest of her life, pick something that speaks to you, something that is uniquely yours.   The coloured stone must be durable, the best options here are coloured diamonds, rubies and sapphires –  in all their hues.  Other gemstones that can be used in coloured stone engagement rings are red & pink spinels, tourmalines, aquamarines and emeralds although greater care must be taken of these stones as they are not as durable and will scratch or chip over time.  Be flexible on the shape, coloured gemstones are not cut in the exactly the same way as diamonds, often a cushion, oval or emerald cut will bring out a stone’s colour rather than a round or brilliant-cut.

ruby stone engagement ring

Coloured Stone Engagement Rings – Natalie Teare Jewellery

When choosing a coloured centre stone it may allow for a bolder, bigger look than diamond alone, accentuating the centre piece with diamonds or complimenting gemstone colours is a must.  Natalie Teare specialises in colour, we are passionate about it & have the experience to guide you when selecting  the stones, creating your design and all aspects of the making your coloured stone engagement ring, a ring that you will cherish forever.

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