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Diamonds – General Information

Diamonds are made of Carbon

They have a hardness of 10 on Moh’s scale, the hardest material known to man

The word diamond comes from the Greek Adamas meaning invincible.

Originally diamonds were only  found in India but during the 18th Century deposits were found in  South Africa, Canada, Zimbabwe,Angola, Russia, USA, Botswana, Australia, Congo, Brazil and others.

Diamond is reputed to promote prosperity, generosity, love and spirituality.

Diamonds are cut in many different shapes and styles. Rounds can be brilliant cut, 8 cut, Swiss cut among others. There are many cuts readily available including squares as step or princess cut, as well as pears, marquise, baguettes and hearts. Also there are old style cuts which are frequently found in antique jewellery.

Diamond is the birthstone for April & 60th wedding anniversary

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