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bespoke jewellery in london

Bespoke Jewellery in London

Maybe it says something about me but whenever I shop I find that I can never quite get what I want, the dress is too long, the curtains just that shade out or the handbag just that bit too small. It’s no surprise then that I am such an advocate of bespoke jewellery in London.

Why would you want to celebrate 40 years of marriage with a ring mass produced by the thousands, made in some distant land when you could have a bespoke piece of jewellery handmade to your specifics right here in London? Can you walk into your high street jeweller & ask for a white diamond eternity ring with one pink diamond to symbolise the birth of your daughter, sadly, probably not.

Special celebrations in life deserve to be preserved in a bespoke piece of jewellery that you will value for life, not that will become old fashioned or simply break after a few years wear. When I create a piece of bespoke jewellery I like to hope that in the future it will be shown to grandchildren with pride, the symbolism of the design explained or the secret engraving shown, a lasting memento of a happy time.

bespoke jewellery uk

Creating your own special piece may not necessarily cost more than a standard piece of jewellery, once the idea or design concept is thought of, the actual making can be tailored to suit each project’s budget.  Where possible I like to meet up with the client, discuss what works for them and then source the stones and present a hand-painted design.  London is the perfect jewellery craftsman hub, there are coloured diamond specialists, fancy shape diamond specialists, stone carvers, hand engravers, machine engravers, silversmiths and goldsmiths, you name it London has it.

Make the Best Present – Create Bespoke Jewellery in London

So next time a special birthday or anniversary approaches, take a moment to think what would be the most wonderful thing you could imagine to celebrate it with, what would make a piece of jewellery uniquely your story and yours alone, don’t just buy, create.

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