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red coral necklace designs

Red Coral Necklace Designs

The first couple of glimpses of sun & your mind automatically jumps forward to thoughts of summer. For me, summer is symbolised by bright, bold colours, dazzling yellow sun, azure blue skies, turquoise seas, deep red flowers.  Nature isn’t shy with its summer palette, just look at the beautiful and intense colours in gemstones it creates too.

I love colour, that’s why I’m so passionate about gemstones, there’s a stone for every story, every mood, every significant moment of life.  When designing with red coral and turquoise I feel they embody life, fun, joy de vivre if you will.

Coral can be found in delicate pinks to bolder red or precious coral as its known, I love both, the soft pinks have a feminine and subtle charm whilst the darker red tones are warm and strong.

red coral designs

One of my favourite designs is that of the Hat Pin Pat earrings, my much-loved grandmother had a hat pin I was entranced by, I loved the combination of shapes and elongated overall form.  The Hat Pin Pat earrings are reminiscent of this, of her. The pink coral drops here are understated elegance.

Red Coral Necklace Designs by Natalie Teare

I created the Lady Lucia pendant, a red coral necklace design in 18ct yellow gold, for me it needs a toned, tanned body to accompany it, maybe a yacht or 2!  The combination of coral and turquoise in jewellery works so well.  Recently I was given a vintage red coral necklace to redesign for a client, I knew instantly I wanted to ‘wake up’ the coral, I used a combination of white pearls and turquoise beads and I’m so pleased with the result, in fact I rather want to keep the necklace for myself.. but that is when I know it has worked.

Other red coral necklaces I have designed have been given in celebration of 35 years of marriage as it is the traditional symbol of this anniversary, a fitting gift I think.. although I don’t think I will be willing to wait that long before I get my own!

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