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Holiday Jewellery

Holiday Jewellery.

The Easter break is approaching, Bank Holidays are on the horizon, it’s finally acceptable to talk about holidays again! Mini breaks, skiing, sunshine getaways, hurrah for them all!  When packing from my old faithful list I’m always so pleased to get to the line ‘jewellery’, holiday jewellery to me is a joy to select, a chance to be a little bolder than usual with your choices.

Holiday jewellery essentials are:

Long chains or necklaces, they look great with a maxi dress and give you that carefree, relaxed look

Hoop earrings, with or without drops, these have an element of informal fun.

Statement necklaces – Bold bright colours set off a tan beautifully, think coral, turquoise & citrines

Lastly a pair of diamond studs will go with anything day or night as will a pair of pearls, however  keep the pearls out of the pool, they’ll ruin.. I know a few of you guilty of this, you know who you are.. ?

Happy holidaying xx

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