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Pearl Care Guide

‘Can you swim in Pearls’?

No you cannot! I am always shocked that I get asked this but also I have had to restrain myself from approaching ladies poolside! Please don’t do it!

To look after your pearls be it studs, necklaces or bracelets please remember that the pearls have been created layer by layer, each time they are plunged into a chlorine filled tub you will damage them.

Some other pearls of wisdom:

Have your pearl necklace re-strung every few years, the pearls are knotted with silk traditionally, if the silk breaks you’ll loose 1 at the most – no knots and your going to spend a lot of time searching for those beads!

Wipe your pearls with a soft cloth after wearing them, particularly necklaces or bracelets, you should always avoid perfume or body/hand creams near pearls but of course this inevitably happens – a soft cloth should remove this and help stop further damage.

Lastly store your pearls in little pouches away from other jewellery (particularly diamonds) as they will scratch the soft surface and ruin the lustre, I’m always happy to give out a few extra pouches, just ask.

Enjoy your pearls but be warned if you are poolside and just about to take a dip adorned with your very best ear-studs I am the one giving you a long hard stare!



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