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Should the diamonds go all the way round?

When I’m designing an Eternity ring for client I always get asked the same thing…

‘Should the diamonds go all the way round?’

I guess if only a short answer will do then the answer is yes, but life is rarely that simple is it?

Obviously the budget will often determine the size of the diamonds and whether it is viable for them to go all the way round. Some of my clients are very tough on their jewellery, particularly rings so in their case I might suggest a 3/4 set option so the metal takes the bangs and knocks rather than the stones, generally this is more cost effective long term. Eternity rings do move around the finger, if it’s going to bother you that you might see metal at the sides then a fully set option is for you.

The beautiful thing about bespoke jewellery is that the decisions are all yours, the ring will is unique to you.

So my honest answer is this, it’s completely your call but as you show off your new ring it is a fact that you will get asked ‘do the diamonds go all the way round?’

Choose your friends wisely, your jewellery likewise xx

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