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How do I keep my diamond sparkly?

Yes, this is another question I frequently get asked.

You put in all the effort of getting the ring in first place.. and in this day of commitment-phobes that’s not always easy…you want it to look as beautiful as the day you got presented with it! I won’t bore you with the science but oil and grease stick to diamonds so therefore hand cream, hair conditioner, body lotion, the washing up water after a roast chicken.. all the grease will stick to your diamond making it duller – or basically less sparkly! Worry not though a simple old toothbrush and a bottle of Fairy are your friends in this matter. About once a month put a small drop of washing liquid on a soft toothbrush and give the ring a little clean, it will disperse the grease and the diamond comes back to life, sparkle city!

With regards to the metal of the ring, for daily care you can use a jewellery cloth.  If you have white gold you will need to re-rhodium plate approx every year- 2 years, for platinum or yellow gold you may get away with longer in between polishes. Get the settings checked on your engagement ring every couple of years also, this will normally be combined with when you get the ring re-polished.

Diamonds are a girls best friend so treat them well.


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