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Is it OK to have a coloured stone engagement ring?

Often these days I work with both the man and woman when creating an engagement ring, yes it can be a little less romantic but if your man is pretty clueless about your perfect ring (even after all those hints) then it can work well for all concerned.  Most girls are pretty sure about what they desire in their ring but others can feel they want something a little different… and this leads to the question ‘Is it OK to have a coloured stone engagement ring?’

Well obviously, Diana and The Duchess of Cambridge have done a lot for this cause already with the famous sapphire and diamond cluster ring but not all women would choose such a classic design.  In answer to the main question – yes of course you can have colour but there are some practical factors that need considering.

One of the main reasons diamonds are used in engagement rings is that they are durable and the toughest of all the gemstones – you are going to be wearing that ring for a long time (ideally), day in, day out, it’s got to withstand knocks and general daily occurrences. All other gemstones are going to be softer so will essentially scratch easier or even chip and break – extra care will be needed. Let’s briefly look at the main options:

Sapphires – these come in all colours except red (these are rubies), probably the most popular coloured stone choice. These are quite durable but you will still need to be careful, no weight lifting classes in these beauties.

Rubies – As mentioned these are the same family as sapphires (Corundum) so are also susceptible to scratches, also it’s worth noting that large rubies are rare making them in general more expensive than sapphires.

Emeralds – although used in engagement rings sometimes, these are fragile due to internal inclusions and you’d really need to be careful with them.  As an added factor they are often treated with oils to enhance colour so don’t do the washing up with these on – now there’s a good excuse if ever I’ve heard one!

Aquamarine – These are the same family as Emeralds (beryls) but are a little more stable as they are not as included, a good choice for a big look on a reasonable budget. Other types of beryl are Morganite (salmony-pink) and Heliodor (yellow beryl) which again can create a striking ring and if the stones were ever broken it would not break you or your husband replacing them!

It’s good to have options, it’s fabulous to be unique.  Enjoy your colour choices x





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