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A standing ovation for the ladies please..

Let’s face it, Christmas, or the run up to at least, is an endurance test for women. It starts early, the teacher collections, the ordering of the turkey, the thoughtful present buying for an endlessly growing list of recipients. Whilst doing all of that we’ll be trying to shift a few pounds and covering someone else’s job at work.. it’s only short term, yeah right!
Like so many I love the actual day, the coming together of family, the good food and company, don’t tell anyone but I’m also partial to the odd champagne or two, chef’s perks surely!
Women are amazing and to my mind superhuman. They won’t complain, they’ll just get on & work the Christmas magic. So for those of you for whom Christmas just happens around you, make sure you say thank you, a big sparkly thank you ideally but either way say it and mean it.
Ladies, good work, see you on the other side

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