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When should I get my jewellery valued?

Jewellery valuation London

Now! You think you’ll remember but you won’t…

Every time I help a client after they’ve been burgled they are always surprised how little detail they remember about their prized jewellery.  We see the pieces every day & take if for granted that we always will.

An up to date professional Retail Replacement Jewellery Valuation is vital, this should include photos, dimensions and weights.

A small, easy thing you should also do is take photos of you wearing the jewellery.  This can help in two ways should the worst happen and they are stolen, firstly with the insurers so they know you did actually own the pieces but also for a jeweller trying to work out scale when they come to remake it. A picture does indeed tell a thousand words.

For further London jewellery valuation information and services please contact us here, advise is always free. Contact Us


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