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International Jewellery Women of all Time!

To kick of our celebrations for International Women’s Day (I think a month is preferential, no?). Here are my three International Jewellery Women of all time! Firstly, a rather controversial lady in her time, the Duchess of Windsor’s gems are probably the main reason for my career choice and love of bold, colourful jewellery. The American had impeccable taste, If I’m ever sad I pick up my treasured auction catalogue and look lovingly at her jewel collection, the sale of which amounted to £39 million back in 1987.

The Duchess of Windsor Bib Necklace

Secondly, well, you can’t talk about jewellery collections without of course referencing the most impressive of them all.. Her Majesty the Queen. I dearly hope she sits eating her boiled eggs in the morning with the beautiful Brazilian Aquamarine tiara atop her head and one of the Cullinan’s propping up her post. One can never be too over dressed I always think. There is nothing the Queen can’t pull out of her jewellery box to finish off an outfit, I bet the relatives are queuing daily to borrow things, I would!

Brazilian Aquamarine Tiara

Last, but by no means least, Elizabeth Taylor, well there was a lady who knew how to get what she wanted! Taylor owned the famous 16th Century La Peregrina pearl, a whopping natural pearl once owned by the Spanish crown. The pearl was bought for her by Richard Burton on Valentines Day during their first marriage (you’d take him back wouldn’t you).  Elizabeth Taylor’s beloved pooch got hold of the pearl at one point and so now it’s little tooth marks add to its unique provenance. La Peregrina sold for $11 million back in 2011.

La Peregrina Pearl Necklace

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