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Make Mother’s Day

I’m not always the best Mother, I often forget the fruit snack, the reading diary is generally back dated and I HAVE been that mother that forgot non-uniform day (ouch).  I comfort myself with the thought he knows no better, he’s only ever had me. No-one is perfect & we certainly shouldn’t judge, we’re all doing the best we can.  Mum’s are amazing creatures, you only get one, they need to be treated with love, care and respect. Now it would be easy for me to say treat her to diamonds but let us re-join reality. The most precious pieces of jewellery I own aren’t necessarily the most expensive, they are the ones you find yourself twiddling with whilst thinking about the giver, they are the ones with the memories attached. When my son misses me he makes a diamond shape with this thumbs and fingers, it’s become our special symbol, I love that this is now immortalised in a gold pendant, I have his initials on one side close to my heart and the diamond shape on the other. Financially it’s nothing, emotionally it’s everything. This Mother’s Day, spend a little time choosing something special for her, she’s certainly spent a lot of time thinking about you.  Have a wonderful Mother’s Day xx

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