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Aquamarine – March’s Birthstone


So we are just out of March, the world turned on it’s head somewhat, better late than never.. Aquamarine, March’s beautiful birthstone!

Aquamarine is special to me not only is it my birthstone (gifts gratefully received) but it is also a pretty amazing stunner of a gem. Aquamarine is part of the Beryl family of gems (Silicate of Aluminium & Beryllium) and it is coloured by Iron, it has a hardness on Moh’s Scale 7.5 so well suited to most jewellery.  Brazil is the most significant miner of aquamarine, other localities include Nigeria, Madagascar, Mozambique, Afghanistan & Pakistan.

Aquamarine takes its name from the Latin meaning sea water and the gem was said to protect sailors and all those at sea.  The blue ranges from almost colourless pale blue through to bright sea blue.

Inclusions are small & colour is evenly distributed (like rain)

Santa Maria is the name for the rare, intensely blue Aquamarines found in the Santa Maria de Itabira mine in Brazil, these are the most valuable.

Similar colours are found in some parts of Africa (particularly Mozambique), these are called ‘Santa Maria Africa’ stones are also expensive.

The most famous Aquamarine today is surely Meghan’s cocktail ring gifted to her by Harry on their wedding day, formerly the property of his mother, Princess Diana. High five Harry, that one must have kept you in the good books for a while! A classic sizeable emerald-cut aqua elegantly set with diamond shoulders, yes please!

Other aquamarines of note are the collection in the Queen’s Brazilian Tiara and the ginormous Dom Pedro aquamarine at a staggering 10,363 carats, that’ll weigh your hand down!

Brazilian Aquamarine Tiara

Aquamarine is thought to bring happiness to a marriage, in my experience most expensive gemstones do!

It is also the 19th Wedding anniversary gift.

Very best wishes & stay safe x

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