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Fitted Wedding Bands

Fitted wedding bands

How do I get my engagement ring & wedding band to sit flush?

This is a common question I get asked, it’s blooming lovely to have a unique engagement ring, whether that be a cluster, three stone or fancy shaped stone but what happens if you want your rings to sit together?

It’s worth mentioning that not everyone cares if their rings aren’t completely flush, mine aren’t and it’s never bothered me in the slightest, but for the majority it does, and for you here are your options…

One – Fitted wedding band or shaped wedding band

You can have a wedding band specially made to curve or shape around your engagement ring, it will of course cost more than a standard wedding ring due to the extra labour involved.

Two – A cut-out wedding band

Depending on the widths & shapes involved it can sometimes be possible to cut a small part out of the wedding band to allow the engagement ring to sit flush. Again, there is a little more labour involved so it will be more than a standard plain wedding band.

Three – Alter the basket of the engagement ring

This is widely used, there can be a small modification on the underside of your engagement ring to allow the wedding band to sit flush. This then allows for a normally shaped wedding band to sit underneath.

Of course it is always easiest if you can make an engagement ring with the wedding ring in mind or better yet make the two rings simultaneously.. but life doesn’t always work like that does it. There is always an option if you try hard enough and I like a challenge!  The Brides of 2020 have enough complications to deal with currently, don’t let the rings be one of them.

Very best, stay safe,

Natalie x

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