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September Birthday Gifts

September Birthday Gifts

I read somewhere recently that September is the most popular month to have birthdays in, that’s certainly true in my family where all the men in my life span September to October! For those significant birthdays when an Amazon or ASOS gift card just won’t cut it…here are some ideas

Sapphire jewellery – sapphire is the birthstone for September, who doesn’t love blue? Well to be honest even if you don’t sapphires come in all colours of the rainbow (except red because that’s a ruby). A thoughtful gift and also less of a financial hit than a diamond too, a win-win scenario.

4mm Round Sapphire & Diamond Ring

Engraved jewellery – hand engraving on jewellery personalises a gift from simple to unique, perfect for those ever so specific virgos, you know who you are!

Sterling Silver Oval Cuff-links with Engraved Initials

Be creative – the best pieces of jewellery I create always have a story to them, when you are hand making a piece of jewellery you can tailor many of the aspects to be symbolic, a story to tell future generations or to keep hidden.

Happy birthday if you’re a September baby, pick your favourite 5 people and have a fabulous day!


Infinity pendant set with birthstones

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