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How to propose…well!

I’m rather privileged to often know the finer details of many a marriage proposal. It’s one of life’s beautiful moments and rest assured if you’re about to pop the question, you’ll be recounting the details over and over for some time so it’s worth making a bit of an effort!

May I? It may be a bit old fashioned but asking the bride’s father for her hand prior to the proposal can often save a lot of embarrassment later; if you think he/they won’t be able to keep the secret then leave them as little time as possible to mess it up!

Where? After checking out the ring, all and sundry will ask the same question.. ‘Where?’ – So make sure you put some thought into the location. Maybe think of the place you first met/ kissed/ held hands or your favourite walk – not just wherever has a meal deal on or availability at the weekend! You’ll also want to make sure you’re not surrounded by tourists and commuters, so timing is important. A special date can also be a nice touch, such as get-together anniversary, but avoid birthdays and Christmas, you’ll just look like you were avoiding buying two gifts!

Restaurants and posh meals are often involved in the special event but remember you’re likely to be really nervous beforehand so keep it light – the same goes with the alcohol, no-one wants to have foggy details of their own engagement or slurred proposals and you’ll have plenty of time to celebrate later.

Kneel or not to kneel? Get down and kneel!! It’s a one-time thing, who cares if you get dirty trousers, it was all in the pursuit of love.. plus you’re then far more likely to get some free champagne after 🙂

2.35ct Brilliant-cut Diamond Engagement Ring with Tapered Baguette-cut Diamond Shoulders.

For the ring, if you are confident you know what she wants then dive right in, ring sizes can be altered after the event normally without too much fuss (unless there are diamonds all the way round). If you are a little unsure of the ring size then go larger rather than small, (no poor girl wants to finally get a ring and then not be able to get it on her finger), – it’ll put her off her posh dinner, I assure you. Take a reel of cotton or buy a plastic ring-size adjuster as a quick fix so she can wear it on the evening.

Unsure about what ring? Fear not, you know her better than anyone and there is quite a few ladies out there that would rather design their own. Speak to a bespoke jeweller, give them an idea of your budget and ask them to paint you up some tailored options. This way you’ve still taken the time and effort to prepare something but then both of you can work together to create exactly the ring she wants. You can use a placeholder ring for the actual proposal (costume jewellery ring) but make sure you don’t get a ring with a massive stone that you then can’t afford to replicate in a diamond or gemstones.

I do love making engagement rings, it’s a honour to be part of such an intimate and important part of someone’s life. Even after 20 years making jewellery, I still get emotional handing them over, I always have to apologise for the hugs and the wobbly bottom lip, although the toughest of men still seem to turn to jelly when the receive the freshly created ring!

If you’re about to propose my very best wishes to you, deep breaths, you’ll be great!

Natalie xxx

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