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Vibrant & Fun Amethyst

Amethyst is the birthstone for February (and for the star-sign Pisces,) I think it’s fair to say most people are familiar with the purple quartz.

Amethyst and Diamond Cocktail Ring

It’s quite a favourite of mine, particularly the deeper rich toned versions. Purple has long been considered a royal colour so it is not surprising that amethyst has been so much in demand throughout history.  Fine amethysts are found in the British Crown Jewels & were also a favourite of Catherine the Great. 

Amethyst, Diamond and Freshwater Pearl Drop Earrings

The Greek word ‘amethystos’ translates to ‘not drunken’ – Amethyst was considered to be a strong antidote against drunkenness and symbolise sobriety which is why wine goblets were often carved from it and Bishop’s rings are often set with them – it obviously works!

Amethyst grow can grow in large crystals which makes the ideal for ‘make a statement’ jewellery or cocktail rings, you know how Iove a cocktail ring! They work fabulously with bright, summer colours such as turquoise and coral and of course pair beautifully with diamonds.

Amethyst, diamond and Amazonite ‘Miss Simpson’ Drop Earrings
Coral, Amethyst and Turquoise Bead ‘Lola’ Necklace

Amethyst – a bright, vibrant and above all fun gemstone. I love working with it, February’s on a winner there


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