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How to keep your engagement ring sparkly!

We’ve now had a year of fanatically washing our hands and sloshing on the hand-sanitiser, hugely important things to be doing but it doesn’t help the rings we wear look their best.

Diamonds are often one of the largest investments we make, so how do you keep it looking like a million dollars?

One of the properties of diamonds is that they adhere to grease, this means your shampoo, conditioner and hand-cream will all leave a layer or film on your diamonds. Sometimes you will need your diamonds professionally cleaned but most of the time fairy liquid, warm water and an old, soft toothbrush will do the job beautifully!

ALWAYS put the plug in the sink before you start.

NEVER use on coloured stones, although most will be fine, some such as emeralds for example contain oils that would be damaged by the detergent!

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