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To Me, Love From Me.

The Art of Self-gifting 

Some may think it’s a bit controlling but I have been the design master of the jewellery gifts I receive for many a year – they are always exactly the right size, they are never delivered late and most importantly they are what I REALLY want.

Over the last decade or so I have seen a real increase in people, particularly women, buying jewellery for themselves – I think it’s a great thing, no-one would bat an eyelid if a man bought himself a new watch to celebrate signing a big deal or getting a promotion but previously there had always seemed to be a notion that women buying themselves jewellery – god forbid diamonds, was somehow wrong. We had to either agree to marry someone, stay married for 60 years (yes 60) or push out another human being!

Well bottoms to that!

We’ve all worked so hard this past year, if you want something go grab it, life is short, spend it wisely.


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