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Bespoke Jewellery – How it works

Commissioning bespoke jewellery isn’t for everyone – some people need to see a piece before they buy it, but many love the process of the getting jewellery designed, indeed, most of my clients are returning ones. A commissioned piece of jewellery is then unique, emotionally charged and will carry a story to be passed to future generations.  Here’s how it works..

Ring Mock-ups

There always needs to be a design consultation, this is much easier in person as then ideas bounce freer. Once I have clear objectives of what a client wants, and importantly what they want to spend, I can go away and source the gemstones and start designing. I try to narrow down the design ideas to ideally no more than three or four illustrations and gemstones/diamonds as else it’s very difficult to decide! I’m always happy to make little mock-ups for the client to hold against them. Once a decision has been made a 50% deposit is paid with the remainder due on delivery.

Cocktail Ring Gem Selection

I believe passionately that you should use the best people for the job and this is why the craftsmen I use I have worked with for over 20 years at some of the best jewellery houses. First there will be a jewellery mounter who will work the metal into shape, next is the stone setter – this again is a specialised and painstaking job. Once the stones are all set securely the piece will pass to the polishers – yet another trained craftsman. The item will need to be hallmarked at the assay office and then a quick polish again before it adorns it’s new owner.

Green Tourmaline Diamond Ring

Green Tourmaline and Diamond Cocktail Ring

There are also hand engravers for those special messages, pearl stringers, stone cutters (lapidaries). It’s a wonderful industry and I very am proud to be part of it.

Family Crest Signet Ring

I am a trained gemmologist and have always worked making high quality one-offs and client commissions, I’ve worked on crowns for coronations, diamond tiaras for weddings, silver commemorative pieces for guilds, no day is ever the same.

I design my pieces to be full of character and sentiment whilst being exquisitely made & classically beautiful – something you want to cherish and wear time and time again. It’s most certainly a journey and I’m very privileged to travel it with my clients. If you would like to commission a piece, no matter how big or small I’d love to hear from you.

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