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Pearls and Re-stringing

Pearls are the birthstone for June so it seems only fitting they get their own feature! Pearls are such a reliable jewellery staple, the world’s most powerful and rich women (and men) are often seen donning a row or two – and why not, they do wonders for the complexion whilst suiting nearly all outfits.

Multi-coloured Pearl Row

I’m often asked about re-stringing pearls, it’s an important part of your jewellery upkeep. There is no fixed rule on when your pearls should be re-strung, it really depends on how often you wear them, as a guide every 3 or 4 years should suffice. Pearls are generally knotted on silk so this of course wears in time.

Pearls are an organic material and they react well to oils in your skin, so wearing them does help maintain their lustre, however, wiping them down with a soft cloth after wearing them is beneficial to remove any other substances such as make up.

DO NOT  spray perfume or hairspray on/near pearls!

Pearls are relatively soft so make sure when you store them they are kept well away from other jewellery, diamonds, gemstones and metal will all scratches pearls if rubbed against them.

Enjoy your pearls, they’ll work hard for you over a lifetime of wear, just make sure you show them a little tlc in return.




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