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What is my jewellery worth?

Is your jewellery valuation up to date?

Do you know how much your jewellery is worth?

Gold and diamond prices fluctuate with external economic factors and boy have we had some of those of late! The most common type of valuation needed is the Retail Replacement Valuation, as the name suggests this is the value that you would need to replicate the ring.

Do you know what your jewellery is worth?

A good valuation will have photos and detailed weights – if the worst ever happened you’d need this information for the insurers but also to remake the piece accurately. The sentimental nature of jewellery can never be replaced of course but at least you’ll be covered to make a new piece that looks the same.

I charge a fee per piece or if there are many items a group fee can be discussed. I never value items that I don’t believe warrant the administration or charge. Please get in contact for more details.


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