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Wedding Ring Guide

Wedding Ring Guide

The Wedding Ring Guide

Designing someone’s wedding band is a rather responsible job.  The results of which need to last a lifetime and symbolise the eternal love of a couple – no pressure hey, I love designing them none the less. At Natalie Teare we create beautiful and bespoke wedding rings and bridal jewellery – not according to this year’s trend or what some celebrity wore, but uniquely to you, every aspect detailed to what you want & what suits you.

So, with eternity in mind, you had better choose a style you will love forever. Here are a few of the specifics you’ll need to consider:

To match or complement your engagement ring?

Some people want their engagement and wedding rings to look like an exact set, you can do this by matching the profile and height of the engagement ring, using the same size stones and setting etc. A more subtle approach may be to complement the style but not match, perhaps a plain band next to a diamond set band on the engagement ring. Both approaches can look beautiful when done well.

Wedding Ring Guide

Wedding Rings in Yellow and White Gold

Mind the gap?

For many brides it is important for the two rings to sit flush together, there is no hard and fast rule on this, it’s totally a personal preference. My rings don’t sit flush together and I don’t mind a jot, I love the way they sit, equally I know many people who wouldn’t be able to sleep knowing the bands weren’t flush! To keep bands flush you can have a ‘wed-fit’ engagement ring which allows the band to sit underneath. If your engagement ring is not ‘wed-fit’ there are adjustments possible on most rings to allow for the wedding band. Shaped wedding bands can provide another  solution and also cut-outs on the band itself may work. Get a good designer to explain all the options, there is always a solution.

His & Hers

I’m of the opinion that his and hers rings don’t need to match (or hers and hers/ his and his). If they end up doing so, fine, but the most important thing is for them to look great on each person’s hand. What’s next, matching hairstyles or shoes?!

Diamond set or plain?

There was a traditional way of thinking that wedding bands should be plain – I think this may have been perpetuated by a man 😊. Wedding rings should be round – that’s the symbolism part, the never-ending circle, what you do on the way round that circle, well that’s up to you! If you are going to go for diamond-set wedding band bear in mind you may want an eternity ring later so don’t go too big on the stones, it’ll be a hard act to follow if not.

‘Do they go all the way round?’

If you do go for a diamond set wedding band, you will I’m afraid be asked the above question. There are pros and cons to all the options. Fully-set diamond bands give you a good answer to the above question – yes! But also they never need re-adjusting, they are always the right way up.   Other options are of course half setting the stones, setting 40% across the top,  2/3 set and anything in-between really. There are some benefits to not having stones all the way round, if you need to size the ring at a later date, this is then much easier, secondly, a metal base of a ring will take the bashes better from constant wearing rather than the stones avoiding costly repairs .

Skin tone and metals.

When deciding on the metal of your bands pick what suits you personally, not what is currently in fashion. Different metal colours look different on different people, I love pink gold but it looks awful on my skin. I tend to make wedding bands in yellow and white gold, platinum and occasionally palladium. There always seems to be some sort of new metal alloy coming out – when shopping for a lifetime’s wear I’d always play it safe. Don’t mix metals between your engagement ring and wedding band, they will rub together on a daily basis so you need them to be equally strong. Special finishes such as brushed or matt finish will eventually rub to a polished finish over time unless you re-polish them every so often.

Wedding band guide

Brushed Yellow Gold Wedding Ring

Get your ring size right

This seems like stating the obvious but it’s really important. A lot of brides, and some grooms, tend to lose a lot of weight in the run up to the wedding – it doesn’t always stay that way after all the stress and good intentions have passed. Hot and cold weather will alter your finger size too, as will playing sport prior to taking the sizing. Knuckles can be a big pain, sometimes literally. If you have much larger knuckles than the rest of your finger there are special options open to you.


Perhaps this one should have been higher up the list? Of course not, we’re talking about a forever ring! Wedding bands are mainly priced by weight so it goes without saying a wide band on a large finger will cost a lot because it will weigh a lot. Most bands come in light-weight, medium and heavy weight so this will give you some options. Currently gold is very expensive making platinum the more affordable option – but be aware a 5mm platinum band will be heavier than the same size in a gold band. Swings and round-abouts, do your homework but pick what you love.


Making your wedding bands unique and personal to you both is a very important aspect. There are so many things you can do to achieve this. Engraving – this can be on the inside or outside of the ring, but outer engravings will wear down over time. I have engraved some of the most beautiful and sentimental words into the insides of wedding bands, only the wearer knowing the message. Sometimes a symbol or image can be engraved, I was once asked to do a tortoise as the man had taken his time to get to the proposal! Small stones such as birthstones can be set together on the inside, another way to make those rings even more special.

Platinum & Diamond Wedding Bands

I do love designing and creating wedding bands, there are often happy, emotional tears when they are received, quite often from me too, for what can be more beautiful than the declaration of one’s eternal love. If you are getting married in 2021 we wish you all the best for your preparations and for the big day, if you would like to us to accompany you on this journey it would be our greatest privilege.

Natalie x


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