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Are diamonds unbreakable?

Well as you’ll no doubt guess, I haven’t timed this post for April the 1st for no reason! Diamonds being unbreakable is a popular misconception.

Unfortunately diamonds can break – in fact we wouldn’t be able to facet the gemstone into different shapes and sizes if this weren’t possible. Diamonds are phenomenally hard however, their name is taken from the Greek word ‘Adamas’ meaning invincible, a slight exaggeration perhaps but on Moh’s scale of hardness you’ll find them sitting proudly at number 10.

It is rare however to break or chip your diamond, they are magnificently hard and durable – that’s why they are such a popular choice for engagement rings. If you are unlucky and you do break or chip your diamond, you’ll need to get advise as soon as possible.  Leaving a chip for example, may lead onto a much bigger fracture in the future.  Some chips can be polished out by an experienced diamond cutter but it may alter the size and shape of the diamond – it will certainly reduce the carat weight.

Dropping a diamond on a hard surface (at just the right point) can fracture or break it – a diamond has 4 directions of perfect cleavage – great news for the diamond cutter, bad news for an unlucky, accident-prone few!

The main way a diamond could be chipped or damaged is by being hit or brushed against another diamond. To avoid this happening be aware of your rings when applauding – the amount of repairs I have seen from clapping! Be kind to your jewellery! Another way to avoid damaging your diamond jewellery is to store your items in little bags or pouches to keep pieces separate, other softer gemstones such as sapphires, emeralds and rubies will thank you for that too.

Happy April Fool’s Day, trust no-one 🙂




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