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Oh Peridot!

This month’s birthstone is Peridot, so fitting I always think with it’s summery, fun-loving, distinct, bright green.

The ancient Egyptians were so very fond of the yellowish-green gemstone they referred to it as ‘gem of the sun’, I like that, it certainly looks good when worn in the sun, accompanying cocktails are optional!

Oval Peridot Pendant on Chain

Peridot is a form of the mineral Olivine, or Magnesium Iron Silicate. It has a hardness of 6.5 on Moh’s which means it’s a great gemstone for pieces like earrings and necklaces which aren’t going to get bashed around too much but there must be some care taken if it’s in a ring, for example – cocktail or occasional ring- yes…engagement ring – probably best not.

Yellow Gold, Peridot & Amethyst Earrings

Although originally mined in a remote and mysterious island in the Red Sea now called Zabargad, peridot is now mined mainly in the USA (San Carlos, Arizona) but also from China, Burma, Pakistan and even Norway. It’s unique green colour is due to the colouring agent of iron.

I read recently that peridot  can be given as the celebratory gift of 15 years of marriage – for me this works better than the traditional crystal option, also having been married for 15 years in September it’s certainly a suggestion I will be leaving on post-it notes around the house. Subtlety gets you nowhere ladies 🙂


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