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Onyx Silver Bracelet

Onyx – The LBD of the gem world!

I often think that onyx doesn’t get the praise it deserves!

It’s such a versatile gemstone and pretty affordable to boot.

Onyx is part of the quartz (agate) gem family, and as such quite widely available in decent sized crystals.  Onyx is often used in the Art Deco jewel palette with it’s simple geometric forms.

Two Row ‘Pagoda’ Necklace in Onyx, Carnelian & Amazonite

It works well on it’s own as beads, with precious metals such as yellow gold and silver or white gold – and works a treat with colour such as coral.

red coral designs

Coral, Pearl and Onyx Drop Earrings

I’m a fan of pairing onyx with pearls, it creates a striking look.

Quite honestly I’m at a loss to think of what it doesn’t actually go with!

18ct Yellow Gold, Onyx Briolette Pendant on Chain

Onyx is the zodiac gemstone for Leo but let’s not limit it to the lionesses amongst us.

Onyx – truly the ‘little black dress’ of the gem world!

Natalie x


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