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I’m an experienced gemmologist and diamond buyer (BA Hons FGA DGA). Jewellery, for me, is an obsession and lifelong passion, I believe that great Jewellery pieces start with a stone and a story. It can be a precious diamond, a  colourful or bold gem or a sentimental heirloom..that is where my Jewellery designs begin. The stone leads me organically to its unique design conclusion.

Gemmology is a lifelong study and my pivotal years at the fine houses of Cartier, Garrard and Theo Fennell have equipped me with the experience to be the most discerning in this pursuit. My expertise and contacts in the industry allow me to source directly the finest and unique stones of unrivalled quality and value.

Jewellery is forever. It’s not discarded after a season of frivolous fashion. It may be the one consistent and timeless memory that brings us back to the point in time it was acquired or fondly to the memory of the giver. Jewellery fixes a moment in life securely as indelibly as a photograph yet it is tactile and wearable.

Have a look through my portfolio and I look forward to meeting you to begin our journey together.

Natalie Teare Jewellery – Setting your love stories in stone.